The greatest comic book writer of all time. He has written such magnificent works as The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, or From Hell.

He is also known for having an extremely long beard.
Alan Moooooooore!

Yay for Alan Mooooooooooooore!

I love Alan Moore!
by Mien Furher December 9, 2005
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Alan Moore is one of the greatest literary geniuses of all time. Where Mark Twain pioneered the American novel, Willaim Shakespere the tragic play, and Edgar Alan Poe the gothic horror story, Alan Moore has pioneered graphic novels. Creating such accalimed works as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, and The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentelmen. He has also made his mark on classic characters with Batman: The Killing Joke, his run on Swamp Thing and Whatever Happened to the Man of Tommorow.

However, as a person, he is completely Batshit Insane. He despises all adaptations of his works, regardless of weather they're good or if he even watches them, mostly due to the fact that he has a raging rage-on for Hollywood, yet still watches and enjoys mainstream TV. WTF? He also says stuff to interviewers and cameras that no logicl person would say. To attempt and repeat them here would be to make my brain explode.

He is often found in British pubs, where he corrects people who confuse Man-Thing with Swamp Thing and throws down with Victorian playwrights. He often uses any means necessary to win these fights. Be those means his bare fists, the nife he keeps in his beard, broken bottles/mugs, or his powerful Magicks. Seriously, do not fuck with this guy.
"What a scene, we've got two Hollywood directors shot in the nuts, a Watchmen movie fanboy hung from the rafters, and five playwrights with thier heads chopped off."

"Yep, Alan Moore was here, alright."
by ZimMan2 January 8, 2010
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The mentality of a content creator to hate everything they've ever made in the past and present. In other words, they don't like their own product and never will.
"He never liked his artwork and has always said they suck after he's made them. I think he has Alan Moore Syndrome"
by AdamBomber64 September 26, 2014
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