A guy of Nigerian descendant with beautiful charisma. He's a ladies man and the life of every social gathering.
My neighbor got Alabi attribute
Your boyfriend is so Alabi
by Suilo August 22, 2018
An Unfathomably Unstoppable Force; Beyond Tabboos and Limitations. Considered to be Extremely Faith-full, Hopeful and Loving. A heart of Gratitude and Symbol of Humility! One with an Incompromisingly Personalized Commitment to Better Humanity.
by Seunbabara February 5, 2020
Tall sexy athletic man. Most likely to be in a happy relationship with a Hameedah. Handsome, Funny, attracts all the girls, and frequently gets in trouble. Also has a massive dick
Just look at Mukhtar Alabi and Hameedah happy together
by Randomizer661 April 19, 2022