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This act of sexual four play begins with the female lying on her back then flipping her legs back to grab a firm hold of her ankles. This will expose her anus and vagina to face straight up in the air. At this point the man approaches backwards to a hovering position over the female’s anus. He will then proceed to push down on his penis until it is facing straight down in a dangling position towards the female’s anus. After this, a up and down squatting pentatration motion begins until the point of climax. Just before the climax the male moves from the anus directly to the females mouth, whom is still firmly in position, and resumes the dangling motion until a massive pleasurable explosion of cum and feces spues forth, thus causing a gag reflex from the female. Discovered is the late 1800’s in the great state of Alabama, the Gag Daggler made its way into sexual history.
Last night I peformed the Alabama Gag Daggler on my sister Shirley.
by GorillaKillaChilla May 15, 2010
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