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Not a sexual act so much as a practicle joke that makes people hate you and wish you had been aborted before birth.

Step one: Take one bucket of Diahrea

Step two: add ice

step three: put bucket in fridge for several hours

Step four: Wait for recipient to take a shower and dump bucket over the shower stall while yelling "Here's an Alabama Cold Shower for the Mornin wood"

The last step varies however. The Alabama Cold Shower knows not time or place. It can happen at any time of day or night, and the recipient may be sitting on the couch, sleeping his his/her own bed, walking under a bridge, it really doesnt matter and the possibilities are endless

(Writers Note: Keep in mind that unless your recipient likes having cold diahrea poured over them they will like either beat the shit out of you the first chance they get or enact an even worse punishment for the action. Friendships have been lost over this kind of shit and it is best to pick your target carefully)
Two months of rent was a lot of money to welch on. MArk thought it might be time John had a taste of the ole Alabama Cold Shower to change his mind

The Alabama Cold Shower is among the worth things you can find int he shower. Did you know that 11 out of 10 people would rather be water boarded than receive one? And the 11nth person was a unborn baby who kicked so furiously in his mother womb that we took it as another "HELL NO"
by Erutious August 16, 2010
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