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This term describes the act of putting a handful of sand into the vagina, prior to sexual intercourse.

This form of sex is tremendously pleasurabe when both parties are masochistic. The couple can make love until their organs are a raw, bloody mess and enjoy the endorphine rush for several minutes.

If the male chooses to perform this act out of rage, he can protect himself, somewhat, with a lubricated condom.

This type of intercourse was invented on the beaches of Gulf Shores, when the redneck first crawled from the primoidial ooze that we now call the Gulf of Mexico, and became an air breathing creature. The redneck male noticed that sand stuck to his Miller High Life bottle and and the redneck female discovered that sand stuck to her vag.

One added benefit of the Alabama Ostrich is that it removes the uncomfortable subject of the menstrual cycle, since both parties know, going in, that they will be bloody afterwards.

Furthermore, Native Americans believe that this act forms a deeper bond than the traditional act of becoming "blood brothers"
I was making love with my precious hoebag on the beach and decided to go for the Alabama Ostrich move. Her vagina looked like a bloody filet mignon afterwards, and my penis looked like a dog dick.
by Quarler August 10, 2009
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