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the alabama of the northeast is the nickname given to central PA. members of the media from outside of the state percieve pennsylvania as a 'swing state'- one that could go either left or right politically. this is far from true. PA is actually a state that his 2 distinct regions. on the two ends of the state you have the urbanized areas, which are traditionally moderatally liberal. this includes philly, allentown, scranton-wilkes barre in the east and pittsburgh and erie in the west. these (good) parts of PA are generally a mix of center-right 'union democrats' and true northeastern liberals. however, central PA is by far the most conservative area in the Northeastern US. this area is called an 'alabama' because it's known for having a lot of rednecks (due to the fact that this is part of appalachia).
central PA is the alabama of the northeast. damn, there are a lot of rednecks in that region.
by Eye In The Sky June 22, 2006
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