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An international school located in the suburbs of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital city. The School is accredited by CITA, an American educational organization that got bribed by the school's highest authorities.
The school is primary divided into two sections, the boys section and the girl's section.

The boys section: The boys' section is adorned with high tech surveillance cameras, a useless swimming pool, a tiny cafeteria that sells known products at astronomical prices, and teachers from the slums of the Arabian society. The boys section uniform is a military one for grades 8 up to 11, an ugly gray and blue outfit for grades 1 up to 8, and a formal suit for grade 12.

The educational levels are the minimum possible, the authorities are....(speechless)

The girls section: Is the central section of the whole school, the "authorities" of the boys section rely on it for strict instructions on how to behave... non followers get spanked usually.
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by fa3el 5ayr November 27, 2009
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