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An incredibly awesome girl who loves with a big is impossible not to love her....always there for whoever needs her....Loves to smile a lot
by tes333 October 20, 2011
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An Akyra is THICC and she dates a nigga named Tonny , An Akyra is really nice and cool but they will get really annoying once its that time of the month , Akyras also loves hot fries and they have a serious addiction to them , If any Akyra says something mean to you , SLAM HER BITCH ASS ON THE BED AND TEACH HER ASS A LESSON
damn that Akyra is so sexy
by DizzyDOO;) February 17, 2019
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A girl that usually has a stench every Wednesday. A'kyra, out of the ordinary becomes broke at the age of 19. A'kyra is awfully disturbing and outrageously annoying.
by Kentrell Jordan December 14, 2018
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