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Akatsuki is an evil organization from the anime Naruto. They wear black cloaks with red clouds as their uniforms, hence the name "Akatsuki cloud".

The Akatsuki clouds have become really popular to the fans of Naruto. A lot of them buy black t-shirts, scarfs, cups and other things with red clouds on, just to show their affection toward the Akatsuki members.
- Dude, I totally tattooed the Akatsuki cloud on my wrist yesterday!

- You don't know what the Akatsuki cloud is? You better google it right now!

- Aw, the Akatsuki clouds are so pretty.

- Damn, those Akatsuki clouds look really good on Itachi.

- I wish real clouds could look like the Akatsuki clouds.
by Kisame-sama February 07, 2010
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