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A nonsense word when nothing interesting is happening or if no one has anything to say. Akasplaga is often used when you have an indescribable feeling towards an event or person. Another way the word is commonly used is to revive group chats when no one is talking.
Example 1

Friend1: "And that's why I no longer can enter walmart."
Friend2: "Huh."
Friend3: "So uh..?"
Friend4: "Akasplaga."
Friend2: "What the fuck, Friend4?"
Friend4: "We didn't have anything to say and I wanted to revive the conversation."

Example 2

Friend1: "Yo dude, you alright?"
Friend2: "I just met the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen!"
Friend1: "Oh really, can I see a picture?"
Friend2: "Sure."
Friend1: "Wow she is beautiful but uh..."
Friend2: "What?"
Friend1: "Friend5 went on a date with her once, she has a dick."
Friend2: "Fucking Akasplaga..."
by EthanForeverAlone August 04, 2018
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