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On a very windy day: the act of coming out of the shower, or having the need to shower, but having too much energy to do so. Instead, you open the windows all over your place, the fresh, strong wind is let it, you are in the nude, and then you begin to vigorously skip around the place.

Associated with isolated revelry.

Can be a form of meditation.

May also be spelled "air bath."
"Hey Ron, I had an amazing airbath last night. Although I smelled worse afterward than I did before, I at least had some great fun and freed my testes sack for a good while."

It is often believed that Benjamin Franklin often participated in delightful airbaths. Even if true, the disturbing image of him skipping in the nude does not ruin his reputation. In fact, it makes him even more badass.

Perhaps if (evil) people would use up their excess energy doing something productive like airbaths, the world would be a better place.
by Blomar69 April 16, 2010
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