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A colloquial term used to describe a basketball star, usually spotted in Wales, known for incredible athleticism (hang time), unrivalled skill and offensively scruffy hair. Air Pentre can usually identified by the so-called "Ronaldo trick" and persistent denial that he was born, and continues to live in, Pentre.

It is strongly advised not to anger Air Pentre unless you possess a reasonable level of skill and athleticism as he has been known to dunk on even his team mates.

The term can be used to describe any unnecessary tricks, accidental display of athletic prowess or general foolishness when playing sport, see example below.
The White LeBron: "Did you just see what happened to Capt. Cock?"
Timmy: "Yeah he fell over himself, did a backflip and headed the ball into the basket!"
The White LeBron: "Yeah, complete Air Pentre!"
Timmy: "LAD"
by LADiator11 January 08, 2011
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