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A person (boy or girl) whom runs around at raves with HIV/AIDS infected syringes and pricks people with them. These syringes are either filled with HIV/AIDS infected blood (whom the Aids Pixie will inject somewhere on you) or the needle tip itself is contaminated. Sometimes, it wont be a syringe but some sharp object (like a safety pin) that they'll poke you with instead just to mind fuck you. The victim of an aids pixie is usually some random person who's usually rolling and unaware of their surroundings. Female (very rarely male) aids pixies will sometimes wear fairy wings. Most raves don't have a lot of aids pixies, for a massive there's usually half a dozen to a dozen per thousand people (and maybe two of them are legit), at an underground there's maybe one or two (and they're probably fake and just messing with people). Legit aids pixies and even fake ones are referred to as raver haters
Person A: (raving to some house music, suddenly, an unidentified person sneaks up behind them and sharply pokes them with something) Oh shit! I felt a sharp poke, probably an aids pixie! I should go to the emergency room!
by Weirdpx3 July 04, 2011
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A made up rumor about people who run around at raves giving people HIV by sticking them with needles with aids blood on it.

It is almost certainly a myth made up by people to fuck with newbs or to keep people from going to raves. It's like the type of story a school counselor would tell you to keep you from having fun. Or like the myth of "aids mary" to keep people from having one night stands.

People may prick you with needles just to mess with you but I've searched around and there are NO news reports on any of this. And you know if the media had a chance to scare parents about their teens they totally would.

Most people who talk about aids pixies are the type of people who talk knowingly about things that aren't even true. We all know one of those.
"It's real man, this guy my friend's brother's girlfriend knows got aids from an aids pixie once."
"Oh yeah, what was his name?"

by abbeyofthelema69 September 20, 2011
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