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Pronunciation: \ˈam\
Function: verb, expression
Inflected Form(s): aaaahym; ahym·ing \ˈdiz-ahymmiŋ\
Etymology: North Philadelphia : daym \ Yiddish : ahymsloat
Date: 12th century
transitive verb
1 : to condemn to a punishment or fate; especially : to condemn one to a grill clapping.

2 : an expression of suprise, disappointment, shock, or indignation, usually followed by a long sigh.
1. RON : "Ahym you cuddy, I thought you said 6 for $50.00."

ROM : "Sorry man, he won't q it, but I will toss you 5 at midnight once the check goes into my account."

2. JIM : "Yo you snatch up them 80's?"

GYM : "Yea but dude..., I flushed them down the toilet, we need to quit man. I'm thinking about rehab."

by matt scullion August 18, 2010
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