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ACM1PT is an abbreviation for an spanish phrase, ''ACM(Aceme) 1(un) PT(pete), and it means ''do me a blowjob''.

Used among young kids, that usually speak lots of stupid things in person or in computer chat.(In Southamerica, Ecuador and Argentina to be precise).


C(se, like the ''se'' from sector)
M(me, like the sound that sheeps make)
1(un, like the ''un'', from noun)
P(pe, like the ''pe'' from torpedo)
T(te, like the ''te'' from terror)
(On computer chat)
A. You are stupid...!!!
B. Yo man STFU...!!!
A. No, you're stupid...!!!
B. Shut up, and ACM1PT.

(On real life, face to face)
A. Hahaha, you got C on math.
B. Don't fuck with me right now ok?
A. You are dumb, hahaha.
B. Shut up you ass, ahsemeunpete.
by soyeldoro10 March 26, 2011
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