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One of Nickelodeon's greatest shows. It was about juvenile monsters being trained to be scary. It featured great characters such as Ickis who's scary ability was to grow larger but because of his large ears was often mistaken for a bunny rabbit. Oblina was clearlt the asian of the group being the smartest and the best student also she resembled a gothic upside down candy cane. Her scary ability was shape shifting into random "scary" things and inducing nightmares in people by sticking her peppermint flavored finger in the victim's ear and tickling their brain. Krumm was the retarded companion of Ikis and Oblina and vaguely resembled Gene Hackman's nut sack. His scary ability was to scream like a pussy and smell like a sweaty asshole. Also his eyes weren't attached to his body so he had to hold them the whole time which didn't mix well with his mental retardation so he would often lose them. And finally The Gromble. Arguably the gayest character on the show, The Gromble was the cross dressing headmaster of the school they went to. Wearing red high heeled shoes and red painted fingernails that ripped through his women's isotoner gloves. This was still a great show no matter how gay or retarded some characters were.
Hey do you remember the show Ahh! Real Monsters?

Of coarse I do what do you think I am....... retarded?
by Jack Hambit August 13, 2010
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