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An exclamatory phrase uttered to highlight a truly incredible moment, exemplary act, or memorable event. This excited utterance is most prominently used when there are simply no other words to describe the pure awesome-ness of the situation.

NOTE: Learned etymologists recognize that only a rare number of events or circumstances are actually worthy of this phrase, and so do not overuse it. In the event that a person is so fortunate as to live in or experience an incident or situation that may be deemed to be an even greater, more momentous moment – a pinnacle amongst pinnacles, as it were – the phrase may be expressed in all-caps in order to further emphasize its supreme significance.
ANNOUNCER: “How did it feel to hit the game-winner that put your team in the playoffs?”
PLAYER: “Ah . . . man . . . I don’t know what to say; I have no words. Ahh! Gotta Go!”

Radiohead just came out with a new album?! AH! GOTTA GO!”
by Sam Van Eerden October 10, 2011
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