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The last name given to people born to be ultimate leaders. Gifted with minds so extraordinary that they acquire the ability to understand complex concepts and mesmerize people when they speak . A person unafraid to express how different they are, and would take even the most extreme risks to show it.
If anyone wishes to outshine them, they might do so out of egocentric or selfish means.
They are beings who're one in a million, rare gems who live for the thrill of living on the edge and leading people into uncharted paths, or creating a new one.
This life, so governed, so work driven that no one summons the strength to step up and bring about change for the world. However, when the day comes, it will be an Aguillard who'll bring freedom, and fight for the world, challenging the evil that wishes to oppose it.
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by origin_unknown March 12, 2017
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