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1. Given by mike o'malley & mo to the ultimate victor of GGGGLobal guts.
2. Giant dog shit on the kitchen floor
3.Glows with a mysterious glow usually made from E.T.'s jizz.
-Dude mike o'malley ate some agro crag.
-Dude i saw mo humping the agro crag and then she raped omar from salute your shorts.
-One time the kids were climbing the agro crag and it erupted and they died... how unfortunate, then mo fucked the dead bodies.
by Bill Nye April 09, 2005
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A sexual object, often a butt plug. Can be used to store various toffees and mints, as well.
"Why, look at that wonderful agrocrag. It's useful AND fun!"
by anonymous11111111 June 25, 2007
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