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Agonophilia covers a broad range of sexual arousal, from fighting paraphernalia (boxing gloves, protective cups, headgear, mouthpieces, satin trunks) and through the actual engagement in fighting (legitimate or fantasy). For those who actually fight the arousal is multi-dimensional. The combination of fighting gear, the physical contact with the opponent, inflicting and sustaining injury, and the actual fight is indescribable. Depending of the quality of the match, the sexual energy between the competitors, and the presence of spectators, some matches go to legitimate knockout, and sexual intercourse may follow with dominance and submissive roles determined by the outcome of the fight. Some men who ordinarily consider themselves straight clealrly enjoy the combination of fighting gear and male to male contact while fighting, and of course volumes could be written about the attraction to mixed boxing and female on female fighting.
Barry was an incredibly hot man and a good boxer. Our three separate fights were intense and bloody. Because we fought in a public boxing arena intercourse was out of the question. Early in the fourth round of the last fight I broke his nose with a three punch combination and he clinched to avoid being knocked out. As he tried desperately to keep me close so I couldn't throw another punch, the front of his protective cup pushed against mine, and I could feel him thrust his hips forward which caused me to have an immediate erection. Agonophilia caused me to shoot a load in my trunks just as the referee stopped the fight due to his excessive bleeding. After this we frequently had private bouts that were sensual and brutal. The sexual arousal from the gear, his great body and from beating him up felt very primal and the winner took the dominant role in any sexual interaction.
by GlovedFighter August 10, 2015
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sexual arousal to fighting paraphernalia such as: boxing gloves, shoes, headgear, mouthpieces etc.
"that dudes into foxy boxing" "isnt that called agonophilia?" "why yes it're one word smarter"
by imintofoxyboxing April 28, 2009
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