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A term used by Iraqis specifically from Baghdad to adress one another in a respectful way. Originally the word is used by mature 'Old people' adressing one another.

The word can be thought of as the Baghdadi equivalent of the Spanish word Amigo

Aghati can be used at the start, in the middle and at the end of a sentence.

In recent years, there has been a rise in Iraqi youths using the phrase to serve as purpose of jokes and banter and as a sign of mutual agreement.

Aghaati and Aghaaati are synonyms of the word
Example 1

'Aghati, what's the time?'

Example 2

Zaid Laith: 'Did you see the game yesterday'
Ahmed L: 'Ofcourse Aghati, who didnt?!!'

Example 3

Sadiq: 'See you tomorrow!'
Soudani: Take care Aghati'

Example 4

Ahmed: 'I saw you checking that girl out Aghati'
Zaid : 'Aghaati'
by Aghati August 14, 2009
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