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Pronunciation: \ə-Fo͞o-ə\
Function: Proper Noun; The most awesome girl you could hope to meet

1: Afua is a name commonly given to girls born on Friday in the African country of Ghana. Traditionally in Ghana, children are named after the day of the week on which they are born.

2: The most loyal and thoughtful best friend anyone could ever hope to have. She is caring, understanding, and will stick with you and support you through all of the hard times in your life. She will love you unconditionally even though you might act like a fuck up on occasion and in spite of all your perennial flaws. Afua is beautiful, sweet, silly and the most fun person to just hang out with and be a goof. You would be lucky to have an Afua in your life.

3: Afua is very goal oriented and ambitious. She wants to succeed at everything, and she does. Afua is probably smarter than you, but don't worry she'll down-play where she went to college and won't make you feel too bad about the non-top ten school you went to.
Afua is going to be a world renowned surgeon in a few years.
by Cheeky Scamp February 17, 2010
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