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VERB: A form of social activism that occurs after a major political or social issue has been resolved or decisive action has been taken to bring the issue to resolution.

NOUN: 1)Marketing campaign focusing on a resolved issue or an issue in which government, independent aid organizations, and individuals have already accomplished most of what is necessary to resolve the issue.
The Kony 2012 campaign is an example of aftervism, as the United States government took action in 2010 to assist Uganda in the search for and capture of Kony and the International Criminal Court took action in 2005 to indict him for war crimes. His "reign of terror" has been over for some time, his power has been diminished, and he is on the run as a wanted war criminal being hunted by the US. The viral campaign has mostly raised awareness of an issue that has been nearly resolved, is over 20 years old, and mainly focused on selling bracelets and hanging posters. In this way the activists involved accomplish little, and have no noticeable impact on the issue beyond what has already been done.
by Jistein March 13, 2012
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