An uncommon phenomenon that occurs after taking a normal shit, then hanging out on the can do to relief or for the sheer stench of it. After no less than a minute (or more) later, unexpectedly taking another shit (usually lesser than the first).

This phenomenon is similar in theory to what a woman experiences as the afterbirth.
An Aftershit must be separate from the original shit by at least 60 seconds to be considered a true Aftershit.
Delayed shitting do to constipation and continual shitting do to diarrhea are not considered true "Aftershits"
by The Dumpmaster January 01, 2011
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After-shit is piss, toilet water, or any other bodily fluids that either splash up onto your butthole or the even more disgusting, that you sit on when having a Shit baby or accidentally sitting on a toilet seat after some other ass hat had a Shit baby and didn't clean it up.
Ryan: "SHIT!"
Kevin, in another stall: "Ryan?"
Ryan: "I just sat down without looking first and now there's After-shit all over my ass."
Kevin: "Ryan what the fuck have I told you. TMI."
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