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A white person who thinks he is a gangsta or a nigga, while in reality they are as white as Lawrence Welk.
Afrocasian 1: Yo yo my negro! What up T-O-Double Dizzle?!

Afrocasian 2: Squizzle and drizzle, fo shizzle!
by Squish n Squirt February 04, 2009
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A mix between african-american, and caucasian. To be a mix of the two races.
guy 1: are you black, white or hispanic?

guy 2: afro-casian yo.

guy 1: ..?... OHHH I get it!
by Boofman July 25, 2008
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One that is half Black and Half White; hence a person with one Black parent and one White parent. Best of Both Worlds in Black & White.
The person is Black and White; therefore he/she is Afrocasian.
by Gmann1977 June 30, 2010
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