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Like a Koreaboo, an Afroboo desperately want's to be black. Sadly nowadays it's more common than you think, some people are going as far as injecting melanin into themselves to obtain that natural black dark skin glow. As well as wearing cultural hairstyles e.g; Box-braids, cornrows and dreadlocks etc. Mocking the stereotypical African-American slang and the way they talk is very common as well.
Woahhvicky: I took a DNA test and it told me i'm black
Me: Have you check in the mirror though, use your common sense your plain, tasteless Caucasian.
Woahhvicky: Gurl I'll beat your ass in becoming blood now. By the way, can you text me where you get your cornrows done, I need some weave!
Me: Can you stop your being a disrespectful ass Afroboo!
by Daniq May 06, 2018
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