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A website that at one point was the coolest, informative forum site on the internet. It was a site where people got to know each other, swap music,movie, book taste etc. It was also a place to find interesting conversations and discussion on a variety of topics.

Now it's a haven for pseudo-intellectuals, web "activist", douche bags, loners with superiority complexes, 40 year old virgins, whiny bitches, people who like to start shit over trivial things, people who pretend they're poor when they're not, Twitter fags, suicidal feminists, apologist males, psychotic Afro-centrics, Conspiracy nuts, and closeted libertarians. There's many more of these pathetic people, but I'd be all day listing them. Also, all these people populate the site and yet it's a ghost town 80% of the time.

In short, it was a cool place, but then became douchebag central for every sad sack on the internet and their dopey blog.

RIP 2004-2008
In 2006.....

Girl: I'm on the best forum site on the internet! It's cool, we're discussing gender politics, looking up cool Indie Movies and listening to awesome underground music!

In 2010.....

Girl: Let's see what's going on!

*looks on*

Girl: Gee, nothing but New people topics, conspiracy shit, and whiny sad sacks of shit. Such a shame.
by Citizen Black May 24, 2011
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