Similar to International Time, African Time is when one says they will arrive at a certain time, but arrive much later.

It should be noted that almost every African (on both the leaving and receiving end) does this. So, if one does actually arrive on "American time," don't be surprised if a party is still getting set up, a person is still getting ready, etc etc.
Guests arrive at an African party at 9 p.m. when the invite said 6:30.

Wedding invite says, "Note: There will be no African Time at this ceremony. It will start promptly."

You arrive at a party on time (craziness!) and half the food isn't done, the hostess is still in her cooking clothes, etc.
by Naija girl :) May 8, 2010
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Time zone utilized my many Africans that involves arriving at events (weddings, birthdays, etc.) about two hours later than billed on the invitation
Ex: you are cordially invited to the wedding of ____ to start promptly at 5PM on Saturday the ____.

The caterers arrive at 6PM, and the people to set up arrive at 6.30PM. Guests begin trickling in around 7.30PM.
(Everyone assumes African Man Time)
by naijagirlie April 19, 2011
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The only time that ever supersedes standard time African time, and is consistently longer. But always considered to be forgiven due to the person.
Lastly, can be sped up, when bought an alcoholic beverage!
1:They are late again.
2:Again? They’re on African time?
1:No, no, African Ron time.
2:That’s okay, I’ll call them, they’ll be here in five if I get them a beer!
by RonSharkey March 26, 2022
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