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A phrase used to describe participating in sexual intercourse with 2 or more well pigmented chocolate females, then ejaculating all over them until they turn white and look like they were in a snowstorm
Bro 1: Bro I African snowstormed some bitches last night
Bro 2: brooo sick lemme join in and we can double stuff Oreo next time
Bro 1: alright np i will let u know
Bro 2: thanks brotatochip
by Pussydestroyer42069lmaogg July 24, 2018
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Preform anal sex and ejaculate inside the anus. Then have the victim fart it out.
Jimmy: What did you do with the girl?
Chris: I gave her a fuckin african snow storm!
Jimmy:NICE!!!!! wait... thats nasty man...
by Crimmy Loates April 08, 2010
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