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The acronym ALT or ALT Disease is known as known as "African Lazy Tongue " Which is a dialect commonly used by Wiggers, Wiggetes or African Americans who never quite got a grip on the English language. Scientists believe this is a congenital vocal disorder discovered in the 1990s. Not to be confused with Ebonics, African Lazy Tongue is when you just gave up on word articulation and grammar.

Most likely heard in housing projects, trailer parks, late night convenience stores, bus stations, correctional facilities and Waffle House.

It is also believed ALT Disease (African Lazy Tongue) has been used by suburban white kids who tried way too hard to assimilate to Black culture and wound up getting their asses beat.
ALT Disease Ex: Let me ax you a quarst-shun.

Commonly used words: Bafroom, Birfday, Ax, Dems, Dats, Gibs, Wif, Chu, etc...
African Lazy Tongue
by Cbonniwell "Mikenna" December 24, 2016
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