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/ˈafrikən gōld/

1. Another way of saying water.

The term "African Gold" refers to the scarcity and rarity of water within the global region of Africa.

Although african gold is a luxury to the blacks, it is nothing but a normality to western countries.

Typically, the women of an african tribes would travel countless days to reach the gold mine otherwise known was the water well.
The proper ritual in which one is able to bring african gold back to their village is by carrying it on your head only.
African 1: click clack clock dook dook african gold?
African 2: dokdokdok cluck dok!

Jerome: Damn nigga! After a tiring game of basketball, all I need is a big ol' bottle of african gold!

Tyrone: Hey where's Jamal? He's been gone for like 10 days!

Laqwanda: Oh, he's just out getting some african gold!
by Dave from the cave June 13, 2013
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