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Not to be confused with the Myspace group which stole the name, Aesthetic Perfection is an electro/alternative musical project from Hollywood, CA.
That MySpace group Aesthetic Perfection just stole their name from that industrial band... Aesthetic Perfection
by Gummimann May 28, 2008
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One of the firsts, most elite perfection groups founded on myspace,
the owner is Adrian aka FakeFaggot, and co-owned by Kristin Vance.
It's link is:

It isn't just being pretty/hot.
You could be that in real life, but not on the internet.
It means it's really important how you represent yourself.
I personally think now it's better than Vanity Is Perfection bacause here people has better Photoshop skills and there are prettier members, although few are boring looking.
So it isn't true that you must be scene for being accepted in this group.
Also topics are more interesting and with more entries.
Sometimes there's some enjoyable drama ;p
The group layout is sooo much better than Vanity Is Perfection one's.
You have to add the Aesthetic Perfection's profile, (and have your pictures not on private), click join profile.
If you made it you'll receive an acceptance letter.

Then, you COULD be accepted if (one and/or more on the following options):
-you are a famous/well known myspace scenester
-you have good quality pictures
-you are not badly photoshopped
-you are good looking/interesting
-you have a vintage vibe in your pictures (Adrian likes it a lot)
The tag for this group (is mandatory) is AP.
Lots of (lame) people put AP in their names, even though they have never been accepted.
There are always few hackers that doesnt have nothing to do with this group, but they just blend in it, cause they are hackers, duh! They are active in topics too!
Aesthetic Perfection wouldn't accept such an emo fattie like you!

ZOMG!1! that kid is totally hot, no wonder he's from ap/vip!

by cikacika! January 21, 2008
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