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1.See also "Slut" and "Hooker".
2.Has a huge camel toe and likes to put Poodie Knobles head in it.
3.Likes to get Zeeked daily.
4.Messes with peoples minds.
5.The village bicycle of Aeon.
6.The child bearor of Napos babies.
7.Messes up sh*t a lot.
Arkland Empires (Server): I don't have an
ZeekKnoble: yeah i know
ZeekKnoble: i cut it off
Arkland Empires (Server): and I dont have a
ZeekKnoble: lol
Arkland Empires (Server): I have a huge
camel toe
ZeekKnoble: LOL!@!!!\
PoodieKnoble: back
Arkland Empires (Server): Its so big
Arkland Empires (Server): that I put Poodies
head in it
RC disconnected: DeMoN-SoBe
ZeekGraal2 loaded the comments of
PoodieKnoble: Whats so big
PoodieKnoble: Your vagina
PoodieKnoble: ?
ZeekKnoble: ROFL
PoodieKnoble: xP
Arkland Empires (Server): Thats what a
camel toe is tardo
by Zeek Knoble April 07, 2005
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