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A young man who is extremely charming. One to be completely in love with. Very funny, but also capable of deep conversations. A wonderful "catch."
What a man, Aengus.
by ilikenoodlestherenice June 17, 2013
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Originally derived from the Gaelic 'Aen' meaning the supernatural race in Irish mythology and the Spanish word 'gus' meaning turkey vultures, the name Aengus is a popular name in West Ireland with the first recorded instance of the name found in caves on the Aran Islands in the 16th Century.

It is thought that the Spanish/Gaelic name 'Aengus' is the result of forced inter-marriage between members of the Spanish Armada who made landfall upon the coast of Ireland in September 1588 and daughters of peasant farmers. Consequently, persons with the name Aengus from the Aran Islands are typically of darker complexion, with sunken eyes and strong display Latin influences in all aspects of life.
Bar man: Aengus, do you fancy a Guinness?
Aengus: no thanks, I'd prefer a large Rioja and if you could put some Ricky Martin on so I can get my salsa groove on, that would be great.
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