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A fortune cookie that instead of a fortune has advice. These "Advice Cookies" make obvious statements about things you can do to improve everyday life however missing the point that they are supposed to tell you a fortune hence the name FORTUNE COOKIE. These Advice Cookies are most likely found at a local Panda Express or other Chinese restaurant. Some even sub for language tutors by teaching you how to say words in Chinese.
ex1: Yo I just hit up panda and got what I thought was a fortune cookie only to be disappointed when it told me to clean my room. That ain't a fortune cookie that's an ADVICE COOKIE!!

ex2: homie1: what u doin man?
homie 2: fixin my car G
homie1: but there ain't nothin wrong with it
homie2: My ADVICE COOKIE told me it's time to change my air filter so that's what imma do!
by refri3dnoodle May 22, 2009
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