An Adventurist would climb mountains, jump out of planes and dive below the surface of the water. In search of Adventure
by Hott Rodd January 12, 2011
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A Jewish or a Seventh Day Adventist who defies his religious tenets and rules and instead goes to ski, bowl, or to participate in some such other leisure activity including drinking and carousing with other same-minded pals.

One who treats Saturdays the same day called The Sabbath as if it were any other day therefore is likely a blasphemer and one who risks the wrath of God by not attending church or temple.
Oh, THAT woman. We never see her at temple. She must be one of those seventh day adventurists that will will pay later with her soul. It is disgraceful how she disrespects The Sabbath, and therefore her family.
by Badwsky February 4, 2010
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