A fnaf fan game of a discord sever named Adventurer Spectacular Squad, really detailed
Woman: what is Five Nights at Adventurers?
Man: well it's a game made by a man named Whisper.
by Five Nights at Adventurers September 19, 2021
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Five Nights at Adventurers (Spectacular Show) is a FNaF Fan game made by a man named Whisper. The current game is REWRITTEN
Five Nights at Adventurers 1 suck if you disagree die
by Five Nights at Adventurers September 18, 2021
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This is the Homo-Sapien being named DashAdventure
You are being such a Dash Adventure
by DashAdventure June 13, 2022
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An incredibly high class anime television series. This show is the eighth series of Digimon, and is a reboot of the original series, which premiered in 1999. It has shown a lot of promise so far, along with multiple elements that have received criticism from fans. For example- the appearance of Digimon of high evolution stages in some of the first episodes, such as Omnimon's early entrance to the series. There have also been numerous back to back episodes that were mainly fight scenes, which some fans disliked.
Due to the fact that it is a reboot of the 1999 series, the original digidestined are the current main characters! This series is not exactly a remake of the original, however. Some elements have been changed- whether this was for the better or not is up to each viewer's interpretation.

Overall, the series has been a fun watch. Consider checking it out. :)
Then watch every other season of Digimon.
I told all of my friends to watch Digimon Adventure 2020, and after enough begging, they finally gave in!
by AbsolutelyNotToast December 30, 2021
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Have sex with someone in a rare place like the edge of a cliff or the roof of a building risking your life
We had an exotic adventure while rock climbing in the woods
by Big daddy grip December 2, 2021
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