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Adventurd Tards are Un-Humans that Make up Random Reasons why Adventure time is Better than Regular Show. They say that Regular Show uses the Same Plot over and Over again. that's Because Adventurd Tards havent seen Most of the Episodes. Regular show has Alot of Good Ideas Eg Terror Tales of the Park, Exit 9B. Adventurd Tards also think Adventurd Time is Better because of the Popularity. WHO CARES ABOUT THE POPULARITY!. Most of those People on the Popularity List are Kids. Regular show is More Mature. They also say that Because it was Made 1st. Wow Just because Something was Made 1st. BTW I Don't hate Adventure time.
Me: What's Better Adventurd Time or Regular Show

Friend: Adventure Time

Me: ok.... Explain Why

Friend: Regular Show uses the Same Plot over and over 1st its just Mordecai & Rigby arguing, then they take it to the Extreme

Me: Really? are you F**king Serious

Friend: Why is adventure time more popular then?

Me: Most of the Fans are Kids. Adventurd Tards these days....
by bigDood247 April 28, 2013
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