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Similar to the stranger. The Advanced Stranger is the masturbation technique where you place yourself on a bar stool, trap your NON-DOMINATE forearm under your thigh and curl your wrist upward to jerk off.Preforming this technique offers A LOT of sensations. Numbness in that extremity, compression of chest cavity to limit breathing (autoerotic asphyxiation), you may see STARS due to blood being rushes to your head from leaning over, all while trying to maintain your balance. CAUTION: this technique may result in injury and/or death and cause Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome, or TMS.
PARAMEDIC: How did you crack your head open? ME: i was preforming the ADVANCED STRANGER and leaned over to far, striking my head on the corner of the counter top. PARAMEDIC: that explains all the blood and semen on the floor!
by Dougtwin September 16, 2017
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