1. When a child is adopted, EVERYONE has problems. The adoptee, the birthfamily, and...believe it or not, the adoptive family. The adoptive family is happy about adopting, don't get me wrong. But when you have "BABY STEALER!" and "YOUR NOT MY REAL PARENTS!" thrown in your face all day, you wonder why you didn't just try for a biological offspring.

2. Developing pregnancy symptoms when you are waiting for your adoptive child to come to your house. This is actually quite rare, and is not directly caused by adopting. If your desicsion to adopt is supported by friends and relitaves of the baby, you will probably not get it. This is actually caused by the stress of dealing with anti-adoption freaks and feeling like you arent a worthy parent because you didn't give birth to the child you are going to raise.
Sally: Everyone suffers from adoption exept the adoptive family, because they have NO PROBLEMS while the other two triads are suffering.
Sue: Shut up. You don't know how it feels to get called a baby stealer and a fake mom all day.
Sally: So you deserve to feal bad, baby stealer.

2. Adoptive sympathy is no pleasent experience. But its worth adopting a child.

3. Adoptive parents need to say bye to their reputation and say hello to "fake" parenting.
by Anna Lynn Sanders July 12, 2010
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