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The Adnani linguistic theory deals with the definition of words. It is based on the premise that dictionaries should move away from the function of an abridged encyclopedia and start constructing discrete formulas that can be used to decode all words.

One quick example that comes to mind is to define a word by a sequence of three words, the first of which identifies the discrete object and the second two help us locate it in the cognitive map.


Boy = Male at youth

Youth = Stage of development

Development = Growing with intention

Intention = Action with deliberation

Music = Sound with intention

Sound = Information with loudness

Information = Clues about reality

The interesting, and even fun part about working on these algorithms is that they are actually more metaphysical and metaphorical than the standard suggestive, encyclopedic methodology.

For example:

Color = Variation invoking emotion

Blue = Color of God

Notice that a color can be any "variation", so a change in speech, or perhaps a musical movement, or even the mood of a given setting.

The most important change that one would see with the implementation of such a system of definition is that meaning would cease to be an aloof idea that everyone should hope to randomly stumble upon and would start to be the social foundation that we all desire it to be.
The creator of the Adnani Linguistic Theory believes that a more formulaic method of definition will lead to an increased base of common and useful meaning in the world.
by Doctor Adhan November 10, 2010
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