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A nice, caring, funny person filled with lovely and funny sarcasm can be strict at first but you'll always love him in the end he will do anything to make sure you are ok.
person 1: i didnt finish the exam it was too hard now i have to do a retest

person 2: that happened with me but go find an Adetayo he will help you in any situation
by candylover16 May 19, 2018
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A fucking loser who thinks he is better than everybody else. also has a small dick. rip in pepperoni his pride lol. Also is not a virgin. Acts like a fucking 5 year old. thinks he is athletic but isn't at all.
Guy one: "Damn, that guy is a faggot."

Guy two: "yeah, he is definitely a adetayo all right
by asshash5245612er56 November 28, 2016
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