Adam and the Ants are one of the main 80's bands that took the world by storm. Adam Ant (lead singer) wore striking face make-up and created a new genre.
"oh My God, Adam Ant from Adam And The Ants Is So Fine"
"I Know!"
by Noeleghhh February 1, 2009
To inscribe a white line across a ladies face using ones naughty paintbrush,in a style reminiscent of the briefly popular eighties highwayman' make up.
Sammy: What the heck are you doing?
*Nick wields his shooting schlong like a paintbrush all over Sammy's face
Nick: I'm giving you an Adam Ant baby!
by Samick Downunder August 10, 2005
Not drinking or smoking, being a 'goody two shoes'. Referenced in the song Goody Two Shoes by the Dandy Highwayman himself
Person 1: Are you going to get hammered with us?
Person 2: Not today, think I'm going to do an Adam Ant
by GoldenYears1977 June 23, 2014
hottest 70s and 80s singer to ever walk the earth.

singer of "stand and deliver", "prince charming" and "goody two shoes"
person1: hey do you listen to adam ant?
person2: yeah i love his music!
by iloveadamant March 16, 2022