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Meaning 'add a brag', adabrag is when someone slips in conversation something leading to a brag. They might mention cars, then the conversation will revolve around their new car. It may be used to name drop.
It can also be used on the internet, and is especially found in Facebook quizzes. They will casually add in a question so they can show off their answer. Usually people adabragging have low self esteem, and nobody cares.
Lisa: Mmm, smell this flower!
Fiona: Urgh, I've smelt enough flowers to last me a lifetime!
Lisa: Huh, why?
Fiona: They always put fresh ones in the room.
Lisa: Room?
Fiona: Yeah, at The Ritz. I stayed there in London
Lisa: Woah, adabrag much?

Beth's Quiz:D
Last thing you ate: Salad, and champagne:)
Where do you buy your clothes: Oh, just Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Dior, Chanel, whatever x
What did you do last weekend: Just been out with (insert popular/famous persons name here) and on their private yacht:) lmao

George's Comment: Adabragging spotted. Be ashamed.
by Lizzzzzzx November 02, 2009
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