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Since the use of the word "lol" has become so rampant, no one actually means that they are "laughing out loud" like the word implies.

Actulol is a replacement for the cliche word "lol" to describe a situation in which you ACTUALLY laughed out loud.

*Actu- Derived from the English word actually, used to describe something that, indeed, did happen.
*lol- An abbreviated way to say "laughing out loud".
Statement: Last night he was fingering me with one hand to his ear, calling himself 'dj clittles'
Response: actulol

Statement: Definitely locked eyes with the stripper who gave me a lapdance last night as she walked by me and into the Ann Taylor Loft in Times Square.
Response: actulol

Statement: he refuses to go down on me anymore when he's high because he thinks my clit piercing stares at him
Response: actulol
by Cripes0103 June 19, 2009
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