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Angel on Earth, Amazing woman, Strong, Smart, and Sweet as can be. Beautiful in every way.
I owe my life to Actricia, she helped me save it.
by xpeterxpan February 03, 2010
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1. angel on earth 2. lucifer was also an angel not all angels are good, like some angels actricia is a trickster, two-faced. 3. A master of deception by way of omission or trying the timeless excuse of "I already told you I was going to be doing this.... weeks ago, you must have forgotten" 4. A person that never apologizes when they have intentionally harmed you, and also will never take responsibility but will expect you to when she doesn't like your tone after your reaction to her hurtful actions that yet again have pierced your already bleeding heart.
An actricia will make whomever she is in the company of believe she is whatever she thinks they want her to be the perfect image of, but that is not who nor what actricia is when in the company of another. Actricia is a perfect liar that almost never is revealed as being in the wrong.
by xpeterxpanx January 18, 2012
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