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Also see- Girlfriend or wife.
Any woman that strategiclly plans out her mans day to ensure that he does not attain any personal time, enjoyment, or pleasure. Failure to abide by the strict daily activity scedule will result in loss of bed, loss of poon, loss of sleep, loss of quiet time outside of toilet, and in some severe cases loss of half your property. In addition to the imposed penalties you will be charged intrest in the form of other mundane chores to complete in addition to the items already on your list.

There are two ways to regain your freedom.
Option 1. Man up and grow some balls back.
Option 2. Lay down.
18:13 risks: Jeep meet at 10 am...bahahahahaha
18:13 kouki: si senoir

18:13 risks: Ill be fast asleep senoir
18:13 kouki: your activities director wouldnt let you attend anyways :p
18:13 risks: Otherwise, id show up.
18:14 risks: lmao.
18:14 kouki: lmao thats what they are from now on

18:14 kouki: not girlfriends, activity director

Credit to goes to Kouki for this.
by FMLx'sUSAdeficit April 17, 2010
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