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A segment on Kablam! that eventually had its own show.

It consisted of action figures and dolls, being animated by stop motion and live motion. It also used "Chuckimation" which is "chucking" the dolls across the screen to make the illusion that it is flying/moving.

The four heroes were The Flesh (the stupid one), Thunder Girl (the strong female with the brain who can fly), Stinky Diver (the former Navy Commando with an Aussie accent), and Meltman (a melted action figure who has a crush on Thundergirl but cannot have her; everyone thinks he's useless but he's often the underdog and saves the day).

The Action League's supervisor is The Chief, and he has a dog named Justice. The villain on the show is often the Mayor, although there are other villains such as HodgePodge occasionally. Ironically, the Action League is usually its own worst enemy because they create most of the chaos. Another character on ALN! is Bill the Lab Guy, who is possibly a ripoff of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He is a useless scientist, who in the instance of his help being needed, he says "There's nothing I can do" or "I was afraid of this!"

The Flesh, is actually a modified version of a "Conan the Adventurer" figure. Thundergirl is most likely a Barbie head on some kind of action figure body that was manufactured in a private toy factory. Stinky Diver is identical to a "Navy Seals: Shipwreck" GI Joe Figure except his gloves and flippers are red instead of green/black. Meltman is probably just a melted action figure made from a mold and manufactured in a toy factory for the show. Other action figures on the show are Playskool Doll House figures from the 1990s, and are mostly used for the citizens of wherever the Action League resides.

Although it had a segment on every show Kablam!, it became its own show, and it didn't last very long and was eventually cancelled. It usually came on after "Butt Ugly Martians" which was also cancelled. Not many people know this, but before Kablam!, Action League Now! was actually on All That a couple of times.
"Hey do you remember that show Action League NOW!?"
"Hecks yeah I do! It was so sweet! Talking action figures that moved around!"
"I know! I remember that one naked guy who always said 'Ouchies!'"
"..Your dad?"

Action League NOW!
The Flesh! He's super strong, and super naked!
Thundergirl! She flies, like thunder.
Stinky Diver! A former navy commando with an attitude as bad as his odor.
and Meltman! With the power to...MELT!
by Nik Peter February 26, 2007
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