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1. The process of exposing ineptness, fraud and corruption in government, businesses, institutions and by persons in American Society by means of making public on youtube, or internet publication hard evidence captured on video, voice recording, surveliance and public record documents.

2. Busting persons on the public payroll engaged in criminal acts by publishing evidence on the internet such as video evidence on youtube.
1. The Arizona residents may have saved their lives by "acorn cracking" Arizona's Department of Health Services as well as the City of Peoria's police, city officials and employees on youtube with video and audio recordings of an actual ambush, attack and assault of several unknown agents using the youtube name WhistleBlowerJob.

2. The activists quickly left to do some acorn cracking with video evidence of police abuse and a Bart Station murder captured on a cellphone that appeared on youtube within a few hours of the killing.
by Dynamic Thought Adjuster September 20, 2009
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