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1. A person who takes hard evidence to the people by publishing it on the internet such as publishing youtube videos that expose public corruption.

2. Any individual who plays an active role in exposing fraud and corruption, abuse and deceptive practices or any involvement in subverting the interests of justice or publlic responsibility that includes exposing facts and evidence on the internet that may not otherwise be exposed by the media such as youtube videos exposing Acorn Corruption and Fraud.
The new group of activists are refered to as "Acorn Crackers" who expose public corruption using the internet publishing resourses like youtube to make evidence such as recordings and videos of officials engaged in wrongdoings known and assessable to the general public, often thwarting media attempts to suppress public interest stories for possible self interest reasons.

The new atmospher created by internet publishing simplicity has created an open door for "Acorn Crackers" to expose public corruption by means of publishing incriminating evidence, video tapes, recorded phone calls, etc. baddly needed to bring about changes long over due.
by Dynamic Thought Adjuster September 20, 2009
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1. Persons and groups with the courage to expose corruption and fraud in modern American Society by process of recording and exposing evidence on the internet such as youtube videos.

2. Activists sometimes subject to being accused of criminal conduct who document public officials and corporate fraud, greed etc. by means of publication on the internet and exposing secret recordings and video evidence American Mainstream Media attempts to ignore that in fact provides the accountability and transparency factor to public interest even the White House advocates.

3. People groups or persons like Fox News and Hanna Giles who expose and promote exposing corruption in American Politics and Institutions like Acorn brought into the public eye by publishing hard evidence on youtube and the likes.
Acorn Crackers are every where with cameras and recorders rolling and their corruption busting efforts are paramount to the success in making government and business in the United States both accountable and transparent in accord with the Obama White House commitment to change. Acorn Crackers are anything but criminals, they are the newest form of American heroes unafraid to go undercover and video and audio tape the truth of what is going on in the United States public and private sectors.
by Thought Adjuster September 22, 2009
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